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Binding / Bracing

Small deciduous tree held straight by two metal rods and cables.

Tree bracing and tree binding are two ways to keep a tree leaning and growing in the right direction.  Newly planted trees often need this as a way to make sure they take root in the proper position.  Sometimes the soil or wind can start a tree leaning in a direction we don't want, and tree bracing or tree binding can help control that.  Our technicians have years of experience at correcting tree leans.  Give us a call and we'll take a look and tell you what needs to be done.  Sometimes people don't realize a tree can be saved by bracing it instead of chopping it down.  We have the right people with the right experience and the right equipment to take care of any trees you may have.  We will talk over what your ideal resolution is, then see if it can be done.  We will make a plan and make sure you're happy with what we come up with before we do anything.  We are the premier tree service in the Wilmington area because we know how to take care of trees and make our customers happy.  We don't cut corners, and we don't do anything that isn't genuinely needed.  Much of our business is word-of-mouth because we take pride in our work and we retain the best technicians around to give you the best tree service possible.


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